A Mothers Love

A mothers love

This morning as I make my husbands lunch and send him out the door and as I pour the syrup on Joeys waffles (he doesn’t want butter on them) and I heat up Jack’s bacon/sausage pocket and pour the milk into their glasses I wonder, do any of them realize how many years I’ve been doing this (or something like it), every day for the last 19, 17 & 15 years?!?! Do they even know what it’s like to give in such a way that everything they personally want to do at that moment is put aside so that everyone else is taken care of first?


Kids and husbands don’t often recognize the things that make up a mothers love. Sure they feel it when our arms are wrapped around them and they hear it when we call out “I love you” as they are walking out the door or going to bed but do they get the little things that we do each and every day that become so routine or mundane to us (and them) that it’s clearly a habit now. However boring or mundane it seems, it stems from a mothers love.  Are we taken for granted, probably. But on most days, it’s ok.  It’s a mothers love. 

Clearly the love for my husband is different than the love for my children yet the bottom line is, I still do a lot of the same daily things for both.  Making breakfast, fixing lunches, doing laundry, picking up the living areas of the house, fixing dinner, grocery shopping, etc., and then I still get to go to work too.

My husband afforded me the opportunity to stay at home with our kids when our 2nd child was born.  The boys are 21 months apart and now one is nearing high-school graduation.  (We’ll discuss that at a later date).  Looking back I can’t even count how many sandwiches I’ve made for school lunches and hubbies box lunch or how many countless socks I’ve folded or turned right side out. It’s daunting to think about the hours put in to that but I still do it all 5 days a week 52 weeks a year, except the turning socks inside out now. Nope, I fold ‘em & return ‘em to you the same way you put them in the laundry.  I do this because I know first hand socks can be taken off right side out. I do it everyday myself, so it can be done. They (all) just choose not to do it so I choose not to spend extra hours turning them back right.  Trust me, when I’m on my death bed I’m not going to be saying “gee I really wish I would’ve spent more time turning your socks & underwear right side out.”   As my southern friend says in her youtube video’s: “nope…I’m not gonna do it!” 

I have worked part-time on and off since 2009 when I started my own personal training business/hobby. Both boys were in school and I wanted to be around people, occasionally.  This was a nice fit for me as I already had a background in fitness and I love helping people who want to help themselves.  However as the boys have gotten older, so have their expenses and now college is knocking on our door.  So this mothers love decided she should get a “real” job as some would say, to take some of the financial burden off her wonderful husband.  So…I recently went back to a desk job last year.  It pays less than what I charge as a personal trainer but since I don’t have clients 8 hours a day, I ultimately make a few dollars more being at a desk. Trust me there are some days I wonder if the trade off is worth it.

Because I’m away from the house more hours than I’m in it awake now, less things seem to get done like the dusting, vacuuming, toilets scrubbed, etc.  But….I still get up before everyone else during the week so that I can make breakfast, fix lunches, start a load of laundry, pick up the living areas, feed the dog, let the dog out, and figure out what we’re having for dinner that night.  Oh yeah and if I ran the dishwasher before I went to bed, I unload it in the morning too. All this is a mothers love while I sip on my 1st and most delicious, quietest cup of coffee of the day.  

Here’s to hoping you have a wonderful day full of mothers love.

A Coffee Mom